Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Ilusat sõbrapäeva!

There are big ships,
There are small ships,
But the best ship
Is friendship!

Dear readers from Estonia, Russia, USA, Netherlands, France, Canada, Germany, UK, India, Finland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Denmark and Sweden thank you for your kind interest in my blogger!
Happy Valentine's day to all of you!



Sõprus ei küsi:”Palju sa kaalud?
Oled veevalaja, kalad või kaalud?”
Sõber ei küsi:”Kus olid nii kaua?”
Kui tuleb sõber, katad vaikselt laua.
Sõber ei küsi:”Oled kaugel või ligi?”
Sõber teab niigi, kui pidid-siis pidid.
Sõprus ei küsi:”Kas oled mu sõber?”
Ta tuleb sul karguks, kui ihu sul nõder.
Ta ei küsi:”Kas olen sul ainus?”
Ta toob pudeli veini ja toetab su vaimu.
Sõprus iial ei küsi, kes noorem, kes vanem-
Ta on nagu hea vein, mida vanem seda parem...

Ilusat-toredat sõbrapäeva kõigile minu blogi sõpradele!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Home sweet home!

Back in Estonia again. For two weeks already, but seems that we arrived only yesterday.
Full of emotions and remembering our friends...
Opening ceremony, last gala evening, performing in the golf club, as well as to the Lions, dancing altogether with all the participants after the concerts - real success and fun! We really enjoyed  especially the opening ceremony and concert  in spite of the fact that we were taken to it straight from the airport after our flight and adventures that lasted approx. for 34 hours and we had to feel tired!

Your Indian traffic - incredible and real horror for us! And our group Upsijad participating in the annual campaign of safety traffic teaching the drivers: please fasten your seat belts or put on and wear your helmet!
The safari and unique step wells, the Sun Temple etc.! And from behalf of the undersigned Terje and Paul of course Old Ahmedabad and many other picturesque architectural buildings shown to us by our host  Naimesh.
And the meetings and concerts in the schools introducing our country and Estonian folk dance, teaching Kaera-Jaan to them, seeing Indian folk dance and trying to learn it ourselves - grate!
And the Canadian group Nouvelle Epoque as well their interesting joyful performances - greetings to you!
Many thanks to you , dear Falguni, Hiren and Emil, for inviting us to the festival making possible for us to introduce Estonian folk culture at the same time learning more about the Indian one, to the Lions who were the sponsors and the supporters of the festival also engaged in accommodation of all the guests, and management of the schools we visited, the teachers and pupils for their hospitality - it was our pleasure to meet you!

Do not forget Kaera-Jaan - you were talanted pupils and performed it excellently. Just a little clip for you from our collection of Korea - try again!

And a little hint to Hiren's comment about Indian principle: may-be it is not always major to be important, but to be sometimes punctual:)

And last but not least: Naimesh and your wonderful family:  thank you for introducing to us Indian kitchen and the customs, taking us sightseeing, kite festival,

Indian wedding etc.,etc. etc. - grate job! By the way: I and Eva-Mai will go to yoga this Sunday- the activity we had no time for in Ahmedabad. And Annushka - keep on drawing, sweet little artist!
Take care!